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Your One-Stop Medical Solution

Our medical products meet the constant need for quality and increased demand. Our ZirconMed line is a cost effective product offering, helping providers improve outcomes while delivering high quality care. Because we, health specialists, are particularly well ranked for finding effective products that advance care.

All of our products meet industry quality and performance standards, as wearer and patient safety is our top priority. In addition to established medical products and equipment, we offer a large non-exhaustive list of items such as mechanical ventilators, scanners (new or used) and much more. Contact us for more information.

Medical Supplies & Equipments

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Medical device products is arguably one of the most critical and potentially challenging industries for the logistics sector. Proper storage, handling, inventory control, serial number & lot tracking and transportation solutions are all essential to providing a safe, accurate and quality product for the end consumer or patient. Through knowledge and logistic partners, ZirconMed provides you with tailored logistic solutions that meets your needs.

Products & Sourcing

Whether you want a proprietary product under your name or specific brands, ZirconMed partnerships can help healthcare providers remain cost-effective and contract-compliant. ZirconMed partners allow the flexibility and security to provide you with a tailored offer matching your country's customs and regulation requirements. Being a 1-Stop Solution, consolidating vendor activity is a smart move instead of dealing with hundreds of manufacturers.


Data & Analytics

Because ZirconMed is positioned in the middle of the flow of goods, funds, and information generated by its manufacturer and customers. ZirconMed helps its clients by converting supply chain and financial data into actionable intelligence that in turn enables smarter business and purchasing decisions. As a result, providers can devote more time and energy to their core activities, while saving time and money on their supplies management.

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