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Protective Goggles

Excellent impact resistance. Compact and light protective over-glasses. Perforated frame on the sides for good ventilation
The screen and the body provide protection against particles of medium energy at high speed (120 m/s).
The optical qualities of the screen conform to the requirements of optical class 1 (the highest). PVC body.
Polyethylene and steel ventilation (protection against dust and liquid droplets). Polycarbonate screen.
Elastic headband with thread covered with adjustable polyester rubber strap.

Features & Benefits

•Colorless polycarbonate eye protection
•No optical distortion.
•Large field of view
•Single screen mounts, side and front protection
•Adjustable headband. Individual packaging
•Treatment anti-scratch
•Visible light transmission = 92%
•One size

Recommended Uses

This product is specially adapted to daily needs in terms of care and health. Protective device covering the eyes, recommended when using a respiratory protection mask. To protect from splashes in general.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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