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Disposable Latex Gloves

Protection from unwanted dangerous substances. Easy donning and helps prevent rolling back. Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit. Beaded cuff makes donning easy. Ambidextrous and straight fingers.

Features & Benefits

•Smooth and soft, with safe wet grip
•Easy donning and excellent fit
•Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly
•Rolled cuff for extra strength
•Lightly powdered or powder free
•Recommended length of 245mm.
•Several sizes available (XS to XL)

Recommended Uses

Latex disposable gloves are a popular choice in both the Industrial and Medical industries and are widely used in applications in medical and dental, child care and senior care, food service and food processing, janitorial and sanitation, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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