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Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Intrinsic softness reduces hand fatigue for long hour of wearing these gloves, due to super flexibility and light weight. Double layers of PVC/PU films to provide double protection. Odour free, results from special formulations. Ease in donning due to the excellent slippery inner surface. In grip from slightly tacky outer surface.

Features & Benefits

•Smooth and soft, with safe wet grip
•Loose fitting, easier to put on and take off
•Rolled cuff for extra strength
•Lightly powdered or powder free
•Recommended length of 245mm.
•Several sizes available (XS to XL)
•Economic alternative to Latex and Nitrile

Recommended Uses

Medical tasks, food handling, chemical and oil industries and also painting tasks can benefit from the use of vinyl gloves. They are effective in protecting against oily substances, acid, emulsions and other liquids and serve where cross contamination needs to be kept to a minimum.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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