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Surgical Gowns

SMS microfiber blouse Expo model
Made of SMS microfiber: light, water-repellent and highly breathable. Available sterile or non-sterile, depending on requirements. Material: SMS microfiber 45 gr / m2
Colors: blue. Blouses and headdresses The objective of using barrier systems (gowns and sterile disposable drapes) during surgical procedures is to interrupt the passage of microorganisms between the sterile area and the non-sterile area. Worn using the appropriate technique, they preserve the sterility of the operating site. Comfortable, soft waterproof and breathable, they guarantee the greatest comfort during interventions. Certain single-use barrier systems are also available non-sterile (caps and bandanas) to meet the comfort requirements of the operator and the patient.

How To Buy ?

Customer Service

Features & Benefits

•Non-woven gown SMS
•Medium Protection
•Single use - sterile
•Green or blue color
•Tie closure at neck and waist
•Elasticated cuffs
•Latex free
•Size S to XL

Recommended Uses

Moderate risk, to use, for example, during arterial blood sampling, insertion of an intravenous line, in the emergency room or for trauma.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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