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Medical Hair Protections

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Non-Woven Protective Hoods

Charlottes, Caps & Hoods

This area has not generated any real scientific interest for many years. Despite this, passionate debates exist around the type of surgical cap, its shape, color, composition, based mainly on aesthetic criteria. Many headdresses are available today (charlotte, headdress, hood), of different materials. Staff clothing in the operating room must be adapted to limit the production and diffusion of particles. The nature of the textiles and nonwovens used in the operating room has a role in aero biocontamination.

Most of the recommendations currently available in Europe on the subject have not been graded. Without being opposable, the standards of the EN 13 795 series constitute an important guide for the evaluation of the performance of textiles used in the operating room and therefore for their choice. Block keeping is defined by the standard as: "Holding intended and having demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing contamination of the operating wound by dander carrying infectious agents coming from the person dressed in this holding via the air in the room reducing the risk of wound infection."

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