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Non-Woven Non-Slip Shoe Covers

Extremely resistant to tearing. Special shoe covers with double hems. Durable white material, non-woven shoe covers are made of extra thick polyester coating (9.6 grams per shoe cover). Non-slip sole 100% Polyethylene. Abrasion resistant. Ideal for the protection of patients, visitors and nursing staff at within health facilities to prevent prevent contamination and to preserve the environment when a level of hygiene is required. Not sterile. Latex free. The closing part of the shoe cover has an elastic band. These overshoes are thick and light, can be easily folded and transported in preparation and discarded after use.

Features & Benefits

•Non-woven shoe covers
•Top part: Polypropylene / Non-slip sole: Polyethylene
•Sterile or Non-sterile
•Resistant and easy to put on
•Elastic tightening at the ankle
•Free latex
•Several sizes available (XS to XL)

Recommended Uses

Perfectly suitable for the medical sector (Ideal for the protection of patients, visitors and nursing staff in healthcare establishments in order to prevent contamination); food industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, industry, building.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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