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Protective Overboots

Overboot standards Non-slip sole The HDPE coating offers excellent protection against chemicals at high concentration, as well as biological risks The covered heat-sealed seams allow maximum permeation to splashes under pressure or in the form of aerosols Elastic tightening at the knee , and support link at the calf Height of the boot 50 CM to cover up to the knee to protect the most exposed parts. Antistatic treated material on both sides facilitating the dissipation of electrostatic charges Ideal protection against petroleum products, different acids such as nitric or sulfuric, fine powders, and HDPE waste water High density polyethylene material. Highly waterproof seam against dense liquid splashes.

Features & Benefits

•Sterile or Non-sterile
•Yellow color
•Resistant and easy to put on
•Closing elastic and Tie-on
•Free latex
•Several sizes available (XS to XL)

Recommended Uses

Very resistant and waterproof overboots.
Perfect for the medical, food and pharmaceutical, industry as well as hygiene services.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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