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Soaps & Disinfectants

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Hydroalcoholic Gels

Disinfectants Spray

Disinfectants Liquid

About Hand Washing

The hand is the main mode of transmission of microorganisms.
A large proportion nosocomial infections are believed to have been caused by origin. These infections  can be reduced by the application of hygienic rules such as washing and or hand disinfection.

When To Wash Your Hands ?

  • After contact with a patient in isolation and/or infected.

  • Before any contact with a patient in protective isolation.

  • After accidental contact with blood or body fluids.

  • Before performing an invasive procedure (catheter, probe and other similar devices).

  • Before any sterile act.

  • In the event of a succession of contaminating actions for the same patient.

  • Between two patients.

  • Before performing a lumbar puncture, ascites.

  • Before manipulation of intravascular devices, pleural drains.

  • Before food preparation in collective or individual catering.

About The Cleaning

Cleaning is the essential prerequisite for sterilization or disinfection. The goal is to eliminate organic matter and germs present. The state of cleanliness obtained conditions the quality of subsequent sterilization or disinfection. The premises are maintained to ensure hygienic practices. The cleaning of the technical room and the room dedicated to cleaning is daily and carried out by decontamination by wet bio-cleaning:

  • Either with a detergent, disinfectant for floors, surfaces and furniture,

  • Or in three stages by successively applying a commercial detergent, rinsing and then a disinfectant bearing the same standards.

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