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Cotton Sponges

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The 100% Cotton non-woven sponge is the perfect general use sponge combining the most desirable characteristics of sponges into one product. It features a smooth, textured and lint-free surface that provides exceptional patient comfort and maximum absorbency

Features & Benefits

•100% cotton
•Sterile or Non-Sterile
•All natural / biodegradable
•Several size options available
•Soft yet textured surface does not stick to tissue or gingiva
•Lint-free so no fibers are left in your patient's mouth or on instruments

Recommended Uses

Cotton gauze sponges are best used to control moisture in a patient's mouth during dental treatments. Gauze sponges are useful in almost every procedure, from regular cleanings to complex surgeries

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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