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Surgical Gowns

Disposable surgical gowns with a hook and loop neck
closure, white border at the collar and white extra long knit cuffs. Two binding the bands are welded at the waist.
The dresses are presented individually wrapped.
SMMS surgical gowns, sterile, standard and special, are water-repellent disposable surgical gowns. They are latex free, abrasion resistant and lint-free.
The special sterile SMMS surgical shirt has a water repellent
reinforcements inside the sleeves and inside the front part.
The special cut of the dresses allows sterile conditions also at the back. The dresses are folded ready for use.

How To Buy ?

Customer Service

Features & Benefits

•Non-woven gown SMMS reinforced
•High protection
•Single use - sterile
•Tie closure at neck and waist
•Elasticated cuffs
•Latex free
•Size S to XL

Recommended Uses

High risk, to use, for example, during long and intense procedures, surgical intervention, when resistance to pathogens is necessary or when infectious diseases are suspected (not airborne). Large amounts of fluid exposure over long periods.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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