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Non-Woven Charlottes

Charlotte in non-woven polypropylene, latex free. The charlotte is an essential protection device in the environment medical, catering. Hygiene is essential, the charlotte thus protects your hair. It also helps prevent your hair from becoming come into contact with food. You thus avoid any propagation of bacteria, viruses. Single-use, non sterile. Available in white or blue. Protected elastic connection (no direct contact with the skin).

Features & Benefits

•Non-woven polypropylene charlotte
•Adapts and envelops the hair perfectly
•Single use - non-sterile or sterile
•With flexible elastic
•Latex free
•Dimensions: 240 x 240mm. - Weight: 4g.
•Colors white, green, blue

Recommended Uses

Use in medical or food environments: hospital, laboratory, hotel, industry, communities.

Customer Service

For product specifications, service and certificate requests, please contact our customer service team at

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